It sure feels good helping a brand get off the ground and headed in the right direction.

The Paper Crane Factory partnered with Wunderground, the newest venture by our longtime bud Jody Hall (Cupcake Royale, the Goodship). Jody has always been passionate and ever-present in the move to make mental health awareness from a taboo topic to a topic of conversation. Wunderground’s initial product line is coffee and tea infused with adaptogenic mushrooms in support of overall wellness, including brain function, immunity, emotional calm and well-being.

By Cal McAllister

When Chyna Willman came to Paper Crane Factory, she wanted to expand her boutique gym and wellness center, Grit City Wellness. She wasn’t sure where to start but she knew what her end goal was — to franchise. She had a vision for gyms all over the country that looked at whole body wellness, not just cardio and strength training. Gyms that included infrared saunas, meditation pods, yoga, massage, and compression therapy. What she didn’t realize was the power of one element she already had in place — cryotherapy. She knew the importance of it within Grit…

By Cal McAllister

We consider ourselves to be a venture capital firm, but our capital is creative time. We were founded in 2018 on the principle that creativity solves everything, and put that into practice as a full service agency and incubator that works with a different premise.

In our past lives, everything was about the billable hour. In order for an agency to be successful and grow, it meant jobs needed to take longer, or have more and more bodies thrown against them. Our clients were asking for exactly neither of those things. That proved to us the billable…

By Cal McAllister

Watch the incredible recap of the Rise Above project here

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent social isolation measures, our friends over at Electric Coffin wanted to bring some levity, joy and hope to the city of Seattle. They concepted the “Rise Above” project, which uses the image of a Mylar balloon. The pop cultural staple found everywhere from supermarkets and birthday parties to hospital wards and sick rooms became the canvas. In this execution, instead of trite messaging, we displayed words of real and heartfelt support for this beleaguered city.

Our team at Paper…

Chris Shepard’s Crispy Farmer’s Market Vegetables. All photography by Julie Machen.

By Cal McAllister

We’re excited to announce the digital release of The Chemo Kitchen Cookbook, a book made with equal parts love and heartache. It’s a collection of recipes from award-winning chefs across the country with the simple mission to help people battle taste change caused by chemotherapy.

It’s the first product of Creativity Solves Everything, the active incubator within The Paper Crane Factory. It is also the most successful Kickstarter campaign involving chemotherapy of all time.

Chemo Kitchen was inspired by my mom, Joan, now with nine years of clear scans after a battle with breast cancer. She’s a…

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We solve everything with creativity.

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